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Ball Valve Welding Machine

thermoplastic welding machine-ball valve welding machine introduction Pipe jointing machine with automatic program control, BRDHA-315 is the one of the automatic welding machines of our company. It is also the 220V welding machine for hdpe butt welding. And the pipe range is from 160mm to 315mm....

thermoplastic welding machine-ball valve welding machine introduction



Pipe jointing machine with automatic program control, BRDHA-315 is the one of the automatic welding machines of our company. It is also the 220V welding machine for hdpe butt welding. And the pipe range is from 160mm to 315mm.

This kind of welding machine is based on high-energy and welding technology,can effectively welding small parts, which makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional soldering and argon arc welding technology.Also this can avoid the threshold of thermal strain and handling,and can protect environment from pollution,and eliminates eye irritation during operations. The machine parameters can be adjusted by intelligent controller. The bench can move up and down,also improves the metal connection strength.

The speed of the table can be set to control the table to move in order to  match the welding parameters to the welding requirements, which will make smooth solder joints and solder joints.

Specifications of thermoplastic welding machine



Max. temperature of heating plate


Difference temperature of heating plate surface

< ±10℃

System pressure


Voltage (v)


Power of heating plate


Power of milling cutter


Power of hydraulic station


Total Power


Insulation Resistance


Ball valve welding machine characteristics
1. Apply to the pipe working job on-site and inside, for connecting PE/PP/PVDF/HDPE ball valve pipe fittings. All the processing is driven by hydraulic control system.
2. Integrated design that composed with frame rack, milling cutter, heating plate and the system control box.
3. The control box is covered by waterproof design.
4. Independent design and development for all the machine parts.
5. Physical buttons for processing without manual.
6. Standard power supply voltage and power frequency input, fully adapt to the local demand.
7. Add the four-wheel integrated trailer as required for customized.

Application of thermoplastic welding machine: Applied for welding the ball valve plastic pipe fittings which the main pipe diameter is from 110mm to 315mm indeed. And the branch pipe diameter is from 40-65mm. Machine is fit for the water pipe joint job and gas project.

Product Quality--Strict quality inspection during the machines processing.
Professional Team--We have the 5-8 engineers who major in machine design and development.
Customized Service--We provide the customize service for all the machines according to our customers' requirements, also we offer the OEM&ODM service.
Standardization--All machine design and production comply with the national industry standards.
Certification--Improve the competitiveness of the company's products through industry certification, like ISO, UKAS, ECM, etc.

Parts of customers:


Customer questions
1. 24-hour Online service
Contact us feel free. We provide you with 24 hours better pre-sale and after sale service.

2. Competitive price
We offer the competitive price to our customers according to the orders and machines.

3. Warranty
We have our quality assurance system and warranty service measures. Each machine will come with the warranty paper for products.

We offer the customizing OEM service if our customers need. And it includes the design, production, transportation, etc.

5. Distributor
To be a better manufacturer of plastic pipe machines, we are looking forward to working with more OEM/ODM distributor and partners all over the world, and wish to create a better future.

6. If our machine meets fault, how could you help us to solve it?

The detailed fault description and photos should be informed to us.Our engineer will judge which part meets trouble,then provide advise and accessories list you need. If some problems can not be solved through communication, the engineer will be dispatched to debug onsite according to your requirement.

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