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HDPE Pipe Automatic Welding Machines

automatic welding machine introduction The automatic welding machine BRDHA-160, is the first model of automatic series machines of our company. The difference between the manual or hydraulic and automatic, is that all the pipe welding job can be done with the automatic control system, which can...

automatic welding machine introduction


The automatic welding machine BRDHA-160, is the first model of automatic series machines of our company. The difference between the manual or hydraulic and automatic, is that all the pipe welding job can be done with the automatic control system, which can save many time for the job and keep it much safer than before.

The operation UI makes the operator easy to carry out the welding job;

Specific environmental temperature compensation function, automatic control of heating temperature and cooling time, that can guarantee of welding quality;

It has the function of automatic classification of site names, welding data storage  at the same site;

The display screen is equipped with a backlight, which can work in a weak light and at night.

Check the welding process information before printing on the screen.

The built-in printer can print and check the welding data.

The data of printer output includes job date, external temperature, heating temperature, field choreography, tensile pressure, welding pressure, pipe specification, welding result and cooling time.Also can define the data model for customizing.

Specifications and Details of hdpe pipe joint machine
Application: It is suitable for the construction of urban underground pipe network, and improves the efficiency and quality of the construction by automatic welding operation.
Certification: ISO9001-2008, ECM, UKAS, etc.
Price: Negotiable
Material: Iron for frame rack, aluminum for clamp inserts
Voltage: 220V, 40~60Hz
Environment Temperature: -10℃ ~ 40℃
Overcurrent Protection: 32A
Temperature of Heating Plate; 100℃~300℃(±5℃)
Payment term: TT, LC
Delivery date: Negotiable
Packing: wooden package for export
Market: Middle East/Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America
Warranty: 1 year
MOQ: 1 set

Equipment characteristics of automatic welding machine
1. Apply to the pipe working job on site, for connecting PE/PP/PVDF/HDPE pipes. Also can be used to make pipe fittings in the workshop.
2. 7-inch and 16-bit true color (64K color) touch screen.
3. Two operating modes of touch screen and button.
4. Each welding procedure has the flash animation hints.
5. Ultra wide power supply voltage and power frequency input, fully adapt to the construction site electricity restriction.
6. Welding job data storage, that can be exported by using U-disk or SD card. The storage capacity can be expended to max. of 32GB.

Product Innovation--Two years of independent R&D for this new product.
Technical Innovation--New technologies are used in design, program control and so on, like PLC, IC design and touch screen.
Service Innovation--We provide the customize service according to our customers' requirements, also we can offer the OEM&ODM service for these new automatic series machines.
Standardization--All machine design and production comply with industry standards.
Certification--Improve the competitiveness of the company's products through industry certification, like ISO, UKAS, ECM, etc.

Our Service
➢ Customers can visit the company at any time.
➢ Customized service and OEM/ODM for all the customers.
➢ Guarantee technical support remote or on site.
➢ 24 hours after-sale support service.

hdpe jointing machine process
B:)Program debugging
C:)Machine Processing
D:)Electric Testing
E:)Hydraulic Testing
F:)Automatic Testing

QUALITY Control:
1) During procurement, we have strict control about the quality of the spare parts.
2) Manufacturing period, we have QC department to monitor each step of production process by different testing tools and inspection forms.
3) Before shipment, we will test machine by different common materials, and make necessary adjustment and data record. Also we will take photos and some sampling videos for customers.

Parts of customers:




1.why choose our factory ?

Our company has advanced production equipment and strong technology. The producing process is under strict management in quality. Our products are sold around the world and highly thought of since excellent quality and perfect service at home and abroad


2.The advantage for product?

High efficiency , energy saving and good quality.


3.The advantage for us ?

Reasonable price and best services , advanced equipment and strong technology.


4.How to order?

Do not hesitate to contact by online or Email as soon as possible once you are interested in our products. The specific quotation will be offered basing the request dimension and quantity

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