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Automatic PE Pipe Butt Fusion Welding Machine

pe pipe fusion welding machine introduction Pipe jointing machine with automatic program control, BRDHA-315 is the one of the automatic welding machines of our company. It is also the 220V welding machine for hdpe butt welding. And the pipe range is from 160mm to 315mm.

pe pipe fusion welding machine introduction


Pipe jointing machine with automatic program control, BRDHA-315 is the one of the automatic welding machines of our company. It is also the 220V welding machine for hdpe butt welding. And the pipe range is from 160mm to 315mm.

1.A consistent, reliable, repeatable operation plastic pipe welding machine.

2.The system will monitor and record the main data of each welding process to determine the status of each welding point.

3.The machine has data retrieval storage device and data download interface, which can store and download the welding data.

4. After cutting the pipe, it can automatically check whether the pipe is clamped firmly.

5. measure the drag pressure and supply compensatory power automatically.

6. according to the selected parameters to control the heating plate temperature automatically. Only can run when the temperature of the hot plate is within the set temperature range.

7. The machine will run all the process automatically after the hot plate is placed between the two pipes . The process includes increase pressure, crimping, pressure down to drag pressure, endothermic pressure and time, parts switch: rack open / hot plate backward / frame closing, pressurization, pressure maintaining, and cooling.

8. The microprocessor uses the closed loop control system. The welding machine will automatically stop the welding and trigger off alarm when some parameters does not meet the settings.

Specifications of pipe jointing machine



Total Power (kw)


Power of Heating Plate (kw)


Power of Milling Cutter (w)


Environment Temperature (℃)


Voltage (v)


Power Frequency (Hz)


Time Error


SDR Range


Overcurrent Protection (A)


Motor Insulation Grade


Temperature of Heating Plate (℃)


Temperature Difference of Heating Plate (℃)


Heating Plate Setting Temperature


Heating Plate Ejection


Protruding Height


Endothermic Time


Drag Pressure


Connecting Pressure


Cooling and Pressure Holding


Data Storage

SD card and U disk, max. extension of 32GB

Cable Length


Connecting Tolerance (mm)


Pipe Diameter Range (mm)


Automatic pe pipe fusion welding machine Equipment characteristics
1. Apply to the pipe working job on site, for connecting PE/PP/PVDF/HDPE pipes. Also can be used to make pipe fittings in the workshop. All the processing is driven by software of the control system.
2. Composed of frame rack, milling cutter, integrated heating plate, bracket and the automatic operation console.
3. The hydraulic station and the automatic control system are integrated in one box, which is waterproof design.
4. Independent design and development for all the machine parts.
5. Two ways of operation : touch screen and physical buttons.
6. Chinese and English are both supported.
7. Each welding procedure has the flash animation hints.
8. Real-time detection of various abnormal conditions and automatic termination of welding.
9. Standard power supply voltage and power frequency input, fully adapt to the local demand.
10. Support for using U-disk or SD card to export the data. And max. storage capacity can be expended to max. of 32GB.

Application of hdpe butt welding: Applied for welding the plastic pipe which diameter is from 160mm to 315mm indeed. Software control system with touch screen and physical buttons for operation. Only one man can operate the whole pe pipe welding job. Both on-site and workshop can use the machine to do the pipe fitting job.

Product Quality--Strict quality inspection during the machines processing.
Professional Team--We have a complete engineer team for R & D and production.
Customized Service--We provide the customize service according to our customers' requirements, also we can offer the OEM&ODM service.
Standardization--All machine design and production comply with industry standards.
Certification--Improve the competitiveness of the company's products through industry certification, like ISO, UKAS, ECM, etc.

Product  Advantages:
Computer control is according to national standard GB/T20674'1
At the predetermined parameters range, all phases of butt welding process are controlled auomatically.
Error analysis system will recognize the error with predetermined parameters.
Computer can save 350 pieces of welding records and input the records to computer.
with mini printer, can review welding records welding process at site.

Our Service
➢ Presale consultancy service.
➢ Customers can visit the company at any time.
➢ Customized service and OEM/ODM for all the customers.
➢ Guarantee technical support remote or on site.
➢ Close follow-up of all orders by special person and keep customers informed timely.
➢ 24 hours after-sale support service.

Parts of customers:


Customer questions
1. 24-hour Online service
Contact us feel free. We provide you with 24 hours better pre-sale and after sale service.

2. Competitive price
We offer the competitive price to our customers according to the orders and machines.

3. Warranty
We have our quality assurance system and warranty service measures. Each machine will come with the warranty paper for products.

We offer the customizing OEM service if our customers need. And it includes the design, production, transportation, etc.

5. Distributor
To be a better manufacturer of plastic pipe machines, we are looking forward to working with more OEM/ODM distributor and partners all over the world, and wish to create a better future.

6.why choose our factory ?
Our company has advanced production equipment and strong technology. The producing process is under strict management in quality. Our products are sold around the world and highly thought of since excellent quality and perfect service at home and abroad
7.The advantage for product?
High efficiency , energy saving and good quality.

8.What about the quality?
All products according to ISO and National highest standard, also we can offer CE, certificate if necessary. The machine have one year warranty.

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