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Welding Characteristics Of Electro-fusion Welding Machine
Jan 24, 2018

From the skill, the electric welding machine belongs to the power supply range, it integrates power electronics skills, active control skills, active detection and active identification skills, accounting machine hardware skills, software skills, display skills, barcode scanning skills and database skills in one, the first welding supply constant welding voltage or welding current, and the welding process to detect and control, so that the welding results to the best form. Features:

1. Automatic IC closed-loop design, when the welding appears according to the standard can not meet the requirements of welding conditions (such as voltage, current, temperature failure), can automatically detect and judge a variety of welding failures, and prompts corresponding alarm code for operator reference.

2. Connect the professional printer can print out the actual parameters of welding real time for archiving, in order to grasp the first-hand welding real material provides a reliable guarantee, through the USB copy data to the computer printing.

3. Pipe connection conversion plug using the latest patented products, a change to the traditional way of connection, reducing the connection due to poor contact when the resistance value changes, so as to avoid the change in resistance due to the changes in the welding actual parameters of the deviation.

4. Environmental temperature Automatic detection system, according to the detected ambient temperature according to the requirements of the pipe manufacturers automatic welding compensation.