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The Rapid Development Course Of Plastic Welding Machine
Jan 24, 2018

Data show that up to now, the Chinese market for plastic welding machine equipment consumption accounted for around 20% of the global market, has become the world's largest consumer of plastic machinery. The annual growth rate of plastic machinery demand in China is about 15%. China Plastics Machinery Industry association Secretary General Ping that this means that China's plastic machinery industry will be on the development of the "highway."

From the per capita plastic consumption, western Europe per capita plastic consumption will reach 132 kilograms, North America per capita plastic consumption will reach 145 kilograms, Latin America per capita plastic consumption will reach 31 kilograms, and China's per capita plastic consumption will reach 22.8 kg, only for the developed countries of One-sixth.

Although the digital gap is obvious, but it also means that China's plastic industry also has a larger space and development prospects, the increase in market demand will drive the rapid growth of the plastic machinery industry. In particular, large-type, precision, special injection molding machine, low-temperature, high-power single-screw extruder, and related industrial products, such as the application of blow molding machinery and other products development prospects. China's plastic machine industry will be dedicated, serialization, standardization, compounding, miniaturization, large-scale, personalized and intelligent direction, but also to meet energy saving, material, high efficiency and environmental protection requirements to adapt to plastic raw materials, plastic products processing enterprises need to save costs.