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The Main Function Of Automatic Heat Fusion Welding Machine
Apr 27, 2018

The automatic heat fusion welding machine control box is connected with a pressure sensor and temperature probe, which can control and adjust the temperature of the heating plate, and can also control the preheating phase, endothermic phase, conversion phase, welding phase, cooling phase, etc. in the welding process. Phase time parameters. When working, it is allowed to set different pressure and maintenance time and record in each phase. Each working cycle can automatically record and repeat operation. A new set of welding parameters is selected. If the actual parameters are too bad, an alarm will appear.


The automatic heat fusion welding machine generally has the following functions:


1, can achieve a consistent, reliable, repeatable operation;


2. The system will control and record and record the main parameters of each stage of the welding process to determine the status of each weld.


3, welding machine data retrieval storage device and data download interface, can store and download welding data;


4, after milling the pipe end, it can automatically check whether the pipe is securely clamped;


5, automatic measurement of drag pressure and automatic compensation of drag force;


6, according to the selected parameters automatically monitor the hot plate temperature, only the hot plate temperature within the set operating temperature range, the welder can be welded;


7. All stages after the hot plate is placed into the end face of the two pipes to be welded (pressurization, crimping, down pressure reduction to dragging pressure, endothermic pressure and time, switching: rack opening/hot plate extraction/rack closing, Pressure, pressure, cooling) automatically;


8. The microprocessor adopts a closed-loop control system.