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The Customer Demand Of Automatic Welding Machine Equipment
Jan 24, 2018

Automatic Welding machine Equipment requirements classification has the dominant demand and stealth demand. These welding machine needs to be as data as possible, can not be data to be described clearly, do not produce ambiguity.

Dominant demand: Electro-fusion welding machine customers clearly put forward the requirements collectively as explicit requirements, for the dominant demand equipment suppliers to communicate with customers is the rationality of these requirements. These requirements include not only the main functional parameters of the welding machine, but also other auxiliary functions and personalized requirements of customers. These are undoubtedly the most important and must be met.

Stealth Requirements: Welding machine Customers are not specifically proposed, but according to the electro-fusion welding machine Equipment general specifications or industry norms must meet the requirements are called the implicit demand. Including Safe (Operation safety, anti-stay, interlock device), dustproof explosion-proof, anti-static, appearance and color, welding machine material use, noise, use environment, human engineering and so on. Some requirements are often overlooked and need to be communicated with the customer. The understanding of the invisible demand of the electro-fusion welder is not only the experience of non-standard design, but also the manufacturing standard and standard of the related industry.