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Selection And Use Skills Of Fully Automatic Electric Welding Machine
Jan 24, 2018

PE pipe automatic welding machine to improve the work attitude and continuous improvement of innovative ideas, to win recognition. Is there anything we need to be aware of when we use an electro-fusion welder? I believe that all of you to the electric welding machine have their own opinions, small series and everyone together to understand the use of electro-fusion welding machine common problems:

Each manufacturer of the product model, parameters are different, so in the selection of hot melt welder should choose the latest support manual and bar code dual-use automatic electric welding machine, otherwise choose other will be used in the use of the scope of the reduction. Thus reducing the use of efficiency, resulting in unnecessary waste, PE pipe electric welding machine prices, the quality of work will also have an impact.

In the construction, generally when the power distance welder within 50 meters of the need to choose 2.5MM2 input cable, electric welding machine, and so on, the longer the distance, the greater the use of cable line voltage, when the power grid voltage does not meet the requirements, this time must choose a generator to support power supply. In the use of electro-fusion welding machine is strict, must be professional and certified personnel to use, non-professional, not close to the operator to avoid unnecessary danger.