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Plastic Pipe Fusion Machine Working Principle And Structural Characteristics
Jun 12, 2018

Plastic pipe fusion machine  is an indispensable welding auxiliary equipment in the pipe connection process. It is mainly used for the welding of plastic pipes and pipe fittings such as PE/PP. With its own advanced and superiority, it ensures the welding of plastic pipes. quality. So, what are the advantages and characteristics of plastic pipe hot melt machine itself?

The control box of the Plastic pipe fusion machine is connected with a pressure sensor and temperature probe, which can control and automatically adjust the temperature of the heating plate, and can also control the time parameters of the five stages. When it is working, it is allowed to set different pressure and maintenance time and record in each phase, each working cycle can automatically record and repeat operation.

Plastic pipe fusio machine is mainly composed of three parts: clamp frame, heating plate, and milling machine. The host of plastic pipe hot melt machine is equipped with double-side double clamping device. Its function is realized by two hydraulic cylinders, and the equipment is not equipped. Leakage quick connector, the body can be fixed by the displacement of the pinch plate, to achieve welding on the welder from the tube and T-tube fittings.

And its hydraulic system is lightweight and easy to maintain, using a developed structure. Equipped with a clamp/close control lever, the pressure regulator valve provides accurate welding pressure; the plane planer on the plastic pipe fusion machine is driven by the chain and drives the chips outward.

There is also more important is the design of the heating plate in the plastic tube hot melt machine, using PTPE coating, with a separate temperature digital display, equipped with a timer, voltmeter, digital display temperature controller and a set of protection switches, also equipped with A milling cutter/hot plate support frame meets different requirements for use.

From a whole point of view, the reasonable engineering mechanics design of the plastic pipe hot melt machine makes the welding work more convenient and flexible; the four-card sleeve structure makes the pipe positioning more accurate and firm; the welding pressure is provided by the crank handle transmission type mechanical mechanism, and the transmission is smooth and easy. Operation; in addition it also has an excellent price/performance ratio.