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PE Pipe Welding Machine Operation Process
Jun 14, 2018

Many users are more concerned about the operation of the PE pipe welding machine. Next, we will briefly introduce this issue. In actual operation, the connection interface of the PE pipe welding machine hot melt butt connection is a plane. The method is to heat the two same connection interfaces with a hot plate to a viscous flow state, remove the hot plate, and then apply a certain pressure to the connection interface. It is cooled and solidified under this pressure condition to form a firm connection.


It should be noted that prior to heating, it is necessary to perform corresponding treatment, mainly including the following steps: First, the two ports of the pipeline to be welded are subjected to milling. The advantage of this is that not only can the welding surface be evener, but on the other hand it is required to remove the plastic oxide layer on the surface of the port to melt the molecules more thoroughly. The entire docking process of PE pipe welding machine can be roughly divided into: placing, milling, hot and cold.


The first step is to prepare, that is, to prepare the PE pipe welding machine, and also to prepare the relevant configuration, including the relevant power supply for the hydraulic station, milling cutter, heating plate, etc., and place the docking frame in a stable manner. When it is placed, two pieces of PE pipes to be welded need to be placed in the docking frame, and connected and disposed in the middle of the four jigs of the docking frame. Then close the upper and lower brackets of the docking frame and fix the PE pipe with bolts.


Next, as the PE pipe welding machine continues to run, the worker should remove the milling cutter and place it between the two PE pipes. Push the lever of the hydraulic station and contact the two pe pipes with the milling cutter until the two connection planes are milled and the continuous strips of debris are milled. It should be noted that since the fixed pipe may be offset during the milling process, it is necessary to center again and adjust the amount of misalignment. Of course, care must be taken not to contaminate the port, otherwise cutting must be performed again.


The heating is then continued and placed back into the heating plate when the intended effect is obtained. During the operation of the PE pipe welding machine, immediately after the hot plate is taken out, the PE port to be welded is rapidly closed according to the required pressure. Next, it needs to be fully cooled. That is to say, after the docking is completed, there is a time for maintaining the pressure, the final cooling time is reached, and the welding mouth temperature and the ambient temperature are the same, so that the PE pipe welding machine can be depressurized to 0 and the welded pipe material can be removed.

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