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Pe Pipe Heat Fusion Welding Method
May 15, 2018

Pe pipe environmental protection and health water supply pipe hot melt butt welding method:

1. Before and after the hot melt connection, clean the welder indicating and heating the tool. Welding shows that dirt is present, wipes clean with a clean cloth, and the polyethylene residue on the heating tool can only be removed with a wooden spatula.

2. Check whether the butt welder matches the pipe diameter and the specified butt welding cycle.

3, hot melt connection heating time and heating temperature should comply with the provisions of the connection tool manufacturer and pipe, pipe manufacturers, the welding temperature is usually between 200 °C -235 °C.

4. The hot-melt connection pressure maintenance and cooling time shall comply with the requirements of the hot-melt connection tool production plant and the pipe and pipe production factory. During the pressure maintenance and cooling time, no connection shall be moved or pressure shall be exerted on the connection part.

5, pe pipe hot melt docking should meet the following requirements:

1) In the butt welder, clamp the pipe end of the pipe and fittings and clean the socket end.

2) Move the movable clamp, plan the connecting surface of the pipe and pipe fittings on the cutter, remove the cutter and check the connecting surface of the pipe end so that the clearance is not more than 0.3mm.

3) Straighten the butt welder on the corresponding two corresponding pieces, so that it is on the same axis, the wrong side should not be more than 10% of the wall thickness.

4) Place the heating tool between the two connecting surfaces. The pipe on the butt welder is brought close to the heating tool and a certain pressure is applied, and the pipe is melted directly to form a smoothly symmetrical flange along the entire outer circumference of the pipe.

5) After the heating is completed, the connecting member should be rapidly detached from the butt heating tool, and uniform external force should be applied to make it completely contact to form a uniform flange.