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It Is Important To Master The Shape Of Cutting Material
Jan 25, 2018

The type of pipe cutting machine is a variety of, so choose a good quality pipe cutting machine for enterprises can reduce enterprise costs, improve the operational efficiency of enterprises, which is why managers have to choose a good pipe cutting machine common goal. There are many types of pipe cutting machine, such as laser pipe cutting machine, high-speed pipe cutting machine, etc., then, how should you choose?

Select the cutting machine must pay attention to cutting material materials, shape, size and thickness, such as, for example, cut the material shape of the machine is a variety of materials, with round tube, square tube, bar or special shape. According to the different cutting materials, to see whether it is straight cut or oblique cut, but also to see if the need to skew 45 degrees, so you can choose the appropriate model.

Different types of pipe cutting machine processing materials are different, the need for the power of the pipe cutting machine is also different. If the same pipe cutting machine, that 45 degrees to cut the material must be smaller than 90 degrees of cutting materials. Some materials in the cutting aspect or have special requirements, such as the length of precision requirements, there will be cutting surface burr requirements. Need to explain, in addition to laser pipe cutting machine, there are some traditional pipe cutting machine, such as manual pipe cutting machine, semi-automatic pipe cutting machine and automatic pipe cutting machine.

If you want to choose manual pipe-cutting machine, then feeding, clamping and cutting process are manual operation, mainly applicable to the cutting requirements are not high efficiency requirements and cutting volume is not too large occasions. The semi-automatic pipe cutting machine can be applied to some occasions with high efficiency and low precision. The whole process of automatic pipe cutting machine is completed automatically, which is more suitable for some occasions with high efficiency requirements.