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General Method Of Hot Melt Welding Machine
Jan 24, 2018

1, welding method: Ultrasonic vibration with the welding head will be ultrasonic conduction to the welding parts, because the two welding parts of the sound resistance, resulting in local high temperature, so that the interface melting welding. Under certain pressure, so that the two welding parts to achieve beautiful, fast, strong welding effect.

2, embedding (inserting) method: Nut or other metal to insert plastic workpiece. First of all, the ultrasonic wave to metal, through high-speed vibration, so that metal directly embedded into the plastic molding, while the plastic melting, the curing after the completion of embedded plug.

3, Molding Method: The use of ultrasonic will be plastic workpiece instantaneous melting molding, when the plastic solidification can make metal or other materials of the plastic firm.

4, excision method: The use of welding head and the special design of the base, when the plastic workpiece just shot, directly pressed on the plastic branches, through the ultrasonic conduction to achieve the effect of resection

5, riveting method: to metal and plastic or two of the nature of different plastic joint, can use ultrasonic riveting method, so that the solder is not easy to brittle, beautiful, strong.

6, Spot welding method: The use of small solder head will be two pieces of large plastic products welded, or the entire row of tooth-like welded head directly on two pieces of plastic workpiece, so as to achieve the effect of spot welding.