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Electric Fusion Welding Portable Handheld Welder Notes
Jun 04, 2018

Welder special considerations:

1. Use the fan's sixth gear to heat for 10~12 minutes to feed. The main engine speed uses “D” or “E” gear.

2. When the main engine stops working (when the workers are at rest), the fan must be turned to the low gear position, and it is forbidden to continue heating in the high heat position. Otherwise, the fan will be severely damaged due to heat dissipation.

3, Before stopping use, you must turn the fan to “O” position, blow cool air for 3~5 minutes, and discharge the residual heat before turning off the fan.

4. For three hours of continuous work, the machine should be blown for 5-10 minutes to cool the cold air, and then restart the work.

5. It is forbidden to rotate the main unit and the welding rod when the heating time is insufficient, and it is also impossible to heat for a long time, otherwise it is easy to damage the fan.

6. When the hot air moves along with the welder, the surface of the material to be welded is blown by hot air and becomes lost in light. The higher the temperature is, the better the weld strength is. It is very important to select the correct temperature.

7. When replacing the PTFE welding head, please don't knock it hard. It must be heated before it can be removed.