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CNC Cutting Machine Pipe, Square Tube Cutting, Processing Mode
Jan 25, 2018

First, the main functions: 1, can be in charge of cutting a number of different directions, different diameters of cylindrical intersecting line holes, to meet the branch tube axis and the director of the Axis eccentric and non eccentric vertical intersection of the conditions.

2, can be at the end of the branch pipe cutting cylinder intersecting line end, to meet the branch tube axis and the main axis eccentric and non eccentric vertical intersection, tilt intersection conditions.

3, can be at the end of the round pipe cutting oblique end face.

4, can be in the round pipe cutting welding elbow, "Shrimp Festival" both ends oblique truncated surface.

5, can cut and ring head intersection of the branch pipe intersecting line end.

6, can be in the round pipe cutting square hole, waist-shaped hole.

7, can be steel pipe truncation.

8, can be in the square tube surface various graphics.

Second, technical characteristics:

1, the use of the United States flying Matt 120A plasma

2, cutting special X-y work platform, Stepper drive, gear rack and guide drive.

3, through the user-friendly Man-machine interface special control software, facilitates the cutting path edit and the modification.

4, can be compatible with Autocad,coreldraw cutting special software.

5, the software at will modify the processing program to achieve the ideal cutting graphics.

Third, applicable materials: applicable to stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, titanium and other metal pipe, for a variety of high hardness brittle alloy materials have excellent processing effect.

Five, the application industry: metal processing, machinery, electrical appliances, ships, saw blades, elevators, road lamps, auto parts, tool processing, decorative advertising and other metals manufacturing and processing industries.