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Capacitor Welder Plastic Extrusion Welder Purchase Guide
Jun 06, 2018

Hot air preheating and plastic welding rod extrusion and integration, reasonable structure, easy operation, continuous welding, high work efficiency, high extrusion pressure, so that the welding strength is greatly improved, is an ideal product for welding processing of various thermoplastic plastics. This product is preheated by hot air and electrode extrusion in one, hot air with continuous adjustable temperature control, self-propelled wind source, extrusion part has advanced temperature control system, direct display electrode melting temperature, extrusion speed adjustment Convenient, screw feeding, high extrusion pressure during welding, sensitive low-temperature protection system, unified use of 220V AC power supply, welding of plastic sheet welding, plastic pipe welding, plastic anti-corrosion pressure vessel welding production and other thermoplastic products, especially Sealing at both ends of hollow-walled large-diameter wound pipe, damage repair, pipe connection, direct-buried insulation pipe joint PE sheathed pipe joint welding, elbow, three-way, large-diameter plastic pipe production welding, and plastic negative well welding production.