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Working principle of Hot Melt machine
Jan 24, 2018

Plastic Hot Melt Machine specifications and working environment

Working power supply is ac220v, 10A

Working pressure 2-10kg

weldable Plastic Size: 250mmx200mmx150mm

Appearance: 450mmx350mmx1000mm

Second, the plastic Hot melt Machine Hot melt machine structure

Mechanical parts of plastic hot melt Machine:

1, the main engine for the ordinary single guide column Hot Melt machine, can install up and down die-fit size for 240mmx210mmx260mm (wide x deep x High) plastic Hot melt mold.

2, the movement is smooth, the control is accurate, the barometric pressure may need to fine-tune according to the welding workpiece. Ultrasonic mold, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic metal welding machine

3, for the convenience of large parts welding and the operability of special welded parts, the host plate can be installed skateboard device, skateboard travel 75MM, die out of the mainframe cavity, easy to be welded parts loaded and operational security.

4, in order to facilitate rapid adjustment of the welding head or rapid change of mold needs, the four corners of the mold can be installed positioning device to achieve rapid and accurate adjustment, reduce the time to adjust the mold, reducing the difficulty of the adjustment.

5, welding depth can be adjusted, according to the appearance of plastic parts and welding strength requirements, you can adjust the stroke of the upper die to achieve the desired effect.

Plastic Hot Melt Machine electrical parts:

1, temperature control device, according to the workpiece shape size and material to set the required welding temperature.

2, the time can be adjusted, when the plastic parts weld, according to the specific welding requirements, increase or reduce the weld time, to achieve the required welding effect.

Third, the plastic hot melt machine working principle

Using electric heating method, through the hot melt head transfer heat to plastic parts, hot-pressing variant to achieve the desired effect. Apply to the point of riveting, embedding. Ultrasonic mold, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic metal welding machine

Four, the plastic hot melt Machine recommended models

Small Hot melt machine, medium hot melt machine, auto bumper hot melt machine, servo hot melt machine, large hot melt machine, hot melt riveting machine

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