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What is the cutting machine for multi-angle pipe fittings?
Oct 08, 2018

The auxiliary management of the traditional pipe cutting machine is directly installed on the machine base, so the cutting tool cannot be obliquely cut to the pipe. In order to overcome this deficiency, a multi-angle pipe cutting machine is provided to meet the cutting requirements of the pipe at different angles.


It is provided with a separate pipe holder, and a rotary joint is formed between the pipe bracket and the base through the turntable disposed at the bottom, so that the pipe member placed on the pipe bracket can be horizontally rotated, thereby making the cutting hob to the pipe fitting Achieve oblique cutting for a wider use surface.


The multi-angle pipe cutting machine is mainly composed of a machine base, a swing arm, a cutting hob, a turntable and a pipe bracket, and the turntable comprises a chassis and a plurality of balls, each ball is arranged in the annular raceway, and the positioning shaft is arranged in the middle of the chassis. The height of the positioning sleeve is lower than the height of the ball.


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