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What are the features and functions of the hot melt welder?
Dec 04, 2018

Unlike other manual welding equipment, hot-melt welding machines fully and continuously control the time, temperature and pressure of the whole process, and identify each connection, component and operator. The welding parameters of the hot-melt welding machine are input by bar code, or automatically set by the system according to the input pipe diameter and wall thickness; at the same time, the heating time can be automatically compensated according to the ambient temperature.


Secondly, the hot-melt welding machine can save the welding parameters and the operator code. It can be consulted at any time, and can be printed and output on the general-purpose printer at any time. It can be read and prepared for consistent, reliable and repeatable operation. In order to ensure good welding results, the hot melt welder system should control the main parameters of each stage of the monitoring and welding process to determine the condition of each weld.


The hot melt welder has a data retrieval storage device and a data download interface, and has a storage capacity of at least 200 weld parameters. The parameters of the weld include the welder model, welder number, ambient temperature, welding date, welding time, welder code, engineering number, weld number, welded pipe component type, drag pressure, heating plate temperature, edge pressure, Endothermic time, switching time, welding pressure, cooling time, etc.


Since the microprocessor in the hot-melt welding machine adopts a closed-loop control system, when the welding parameters are not met in the welding process, the welding machine can automatically interrupt the welding and alarm, thereby reducing the occurrence of equipment

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