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What are the advantages of the fully automatic welding machine
Dec 19, 2018

Plastic pipe welding machines can be easily divided into three categories according to the operation mode, namely automatic welding machine, semi-automatic welding machine and manual welding machine. In contrast, the advantages of the fully automatic welder are the most obvious. It can be set in advance for the optimum welding parameters of pipes of different materials, calibers and SDRs; and the relevant welding time, temperature and pressure are fully controlled.


At the same time, the automatic welding machine can automatically detect and compensate the drag pressure; its heating plate will also automatically pop out, so that the temperature loss is minimized; in the welding process, the automatic monitoring and prompting of the whole process are carried out in each operation step; The clamping system increases productivity by up to 30%.


The dynamic data of the welding process of the fully automatic welding machine can be printed out or downloaded to the quality inspector PC through the data transmission system to review the on-site performance of the welder and the operator; more importantly, its database can store up to The welding parameters of the 600 interfaces can meet different welding

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