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Welding Technology and Process Requirements of Hot-melt Butt Welder
Jun 01, 2018

Hot-melt butt welding machine is a kind of application of hot-melt butt welding technology in the process of operation, in the process of operation can be effective for its thermoplastic pipe fittings for its effective welding of welding equipment, to some extent its heat Weld welder welding frame and operating system are separate.

In the process of operation, the hot melt butt welder mainly adopts its hydraulic operation console. During the production process, the electric heating plate, the jig and the welding frame are mainly used to make the hot melt butt welding machine. When the operation is performed, the manual type is not available. Hydraulic system. The welding frame adopts high-strength aluminum alloy material, which has a firm structure, light weight and durability. The welding frame adopts the compression structure of the card mica sheet to accurately position the pipe and make it easy to adjust the misalignment amount.

The hot melt butt welder mainly checks whether the condition of the welding machine meets its working requirements to a certain extent, and effectively checks whether the various parts of the fasteners are detached or loosened; check the whole machine. Whether the electrical circuit connection is correct and reliable; check whether the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank is sufficient; confirm that the power supply matches the input requirements of the implement; whether the heating plate meets the requirements (whether the coating is damaged), or the trial operation of the milling cutter and the oil pump switch.

The hot melt butt welding machine should be effectively operated in accordance with the parameters of its welding process card in the operation, if necessary, it should be effective in accordance with its environmental temperature and weather and other changes to its appropriate adjustment, in When doing so, use a clean cloth to remove dirt from both ends. Place the tube in the rack slip so that the length of both ends protrudes (it should be as short as possible to meet the requirements of milling and heating, usually 25~30mm). If necessary, the parts other than the tube rack are lifted with support so that the axis of the tube is at the same height as the centerline of the rack and then fastened with slips.

To a certain extent, the hot melt butt welder needs to insert the milling cutter first, effectively firstly turning on the power switch of the milling cutter, and then slowly closing the welding ends of the two tubings during the operation, so that it is appropriate to a certain extent. Pressure, continuous cutting occurs at both ends during operation.

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