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Welding product quality is unstable, how to solve?
Jan 24, 2018

The best way to choose large units of ultrasonic welding equipment, the quality can not stabilize the main factor is the output power can not be stable, so as to lead to the formation of stable friction heat energy. And how to stabilize the power output? This is determined by

1, Machine output power panes o r N Expansion ratio = actual available power. It can be concluded that in a certain product implementation of ultrasonic welding, in the planning and design point of view, the higher the output power of the machine, the relative H o r n expansion than the design of the smaller.

Conversely, the smaller the output power of the machine, the greater the expansion ratio of H o r n Design. For example: 2200W ultrasonic welding machine, H o r n expansion ratio is 2.5 times times. When switching to a 3200W ultrasonic welder, the expansion ratio of H o R can be as long as 1.5 times times. However, it is not emphasized that the output power of the ultrasonic welder is large, but to the implementation of a plastic product ultrasonic welding, to give the most suitable environmental operations, in the meantime still need to consider the cost of the budget, product functional requirements, weld standards and so consider to plan a complete work equipment and ultrasonic use skills.

2, in understanding the various factors that affect the quality of ultrasonic welding, after the key reasons, engineers in the design, the first to be familiar with and evaluate

(1). Product quality requirements functional standards;

(2). existing ultrasonic equipment;

3. Determine the shape of product design, skills such as ultrasonic fuse line, product positioning, material. Since the available device resources are fixed, it is correct to use the technique of product design to match the existing available devices.

4, when we determine the human factors (1 ~ 2) There is no problem, there will be quality instability, which is certainly a fact: the impact of pressure and voltage. In our years to deal with the quality can not stabilize the phenomenon, but also found that in the working hours can not meet the quality standards, but in everyone off work, stop voltage, pressure most simultaneous use, the unexpected quality requirements to meet the standard. Therefore, it is also found that more than one or more units use a common pressure and voltage source, because the air compressor usually we will set the air tank inside the pressure is less than 2 ~ 4kg of the situation when the automatic pump filling this is a form of error reasons. And when the air pressure source passes through the pipeline to the welding machine, because the welding speed is fast, the air pressure of the first ultrasonic welding and the second or third time remaining in the pipeline is also formed the error, so it will form the periodic or aperiodic mass variation. and the voltage also because the power company output at the same time for millions of people have the opportunity to use at the same time, the resulting voltage drop is not what we can control, so the pressure and voltage variables, is indeed the result of energy output changes, and affect the precision of the quality of the important factors. Of course it must be listed as a diagnostic project

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