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Welding power supply and control function of HDPE pipe automatic welding machine
Jun 26, 2018

During the operation of the HDPE pipe automatic welding machine, its welding power source, output power and welding characteristics shall be matched with the welding process method to be used, and an interface connected with the main controller shall be installed. Automatic welding equipment The wire feeder and its control and speed control system require a wire feeder with a high wire feed speed control accuracy, and its control circuit should be added with speed feedback.

The welding head of the HDPE pipe automatic welding machine uses its moving mechanism. When it is used, it is mainly composed of a welding head, a welding head support frame, and a hanging drag plate. The drive system of the precision welding head should be adopted Encoder-equipped servo motor.

The main controller of the HDPE pipe automatic welding machine is also called a system controller. In the process of use, it is mainly used for the linkage control of various components. During the operation, the main controller of the automatic welding machine is the control of the welding process. Welding parameter settings, adjustments and displays. If necessary, control functions such as fault diagnosis and human-machine dialogue can be expanded.

HDPE pipe automatic welding machine welding head guide or tracking mechanism, arc pressure automatic controller, welding gun yaw and monitoring system, auxiliary equipment for the entire product, such as its wire feeding system, circulating water cooling system, flux recovery conveying device, welding wire holder There are three parts in the electrical control design for the structural design of cable hoses and chains.

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