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Welding method and method of HDPE pipe Electric Fusion Welding Machine
Sep 07, 2018

In the construction of some pipeline projects, the welding of HDPE pipes can be carried out in two ways, one is to use the HDPE pipe Electric Fusion Welding Machine for hot-melt butt welding, and the other is the electric welded pipe hoop connection method. Next, we mainly introduce the welding method and method of HDPE electric fusion butt welding machine. The details are as follows:


First, HDPE fused butt welders are typically composed primarily of heater blades, cutters, and clamps. With this machine, the connection of the pipe fittings in the range of 300 to 1200 cm can be realized. When welding, first place the two pipe parts that need to be connected between the clamps, and make sure that the gap between the end of the pipe and the clamp is about 2 cm, and lock the handle.


The tube is then placed on the cutting disc for cutting until the two ends to be joined are exactly the same, straight and seamless between the ends of the tube. Then, the temperature of the HDPE fused butt welder was stabilized at 210 ° C, and the two pipe pieces were carefully placed on the welder of the electric welder until the protrusion of the welding surface reached a thickness equal to 1/3 of the wall thickness.

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