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Welding considerations
Jan 24, 2018

Here are some of the things we have to offer you:
Causes of fire and explosion accidents in welding operation
1, welding cutting operations, especially when gas cutting, due to the use of compressed air or oxygen flow of the jet, so that Mars, beads and iron slag splash around (larger beads and iron slag can splash to the point of operation outside 5m), when the operating environment in the presence of flammable, explosive goods or gases, there may be fire and explosion accidents.
2, in the high altitude welding cutting operations, the scope of the Mars and inflammable and explosive items are not cleaned up, operators in the process of throwing electrodes, the operation is not carefully checked after the end of the fire.
3, gas welding, gas cutting process is not in accordance with the requirements of the prescribed acetylene generator, work before the requirements of the welding (cutting) torch, rubber piping and acetylene generator safety devices.
4, gas cylinders exist deficiencies in the formulation, the storage of gas cylinders filling, transportation, use and other aspects of the deficiencies, violations of safe operating procedures.
5, acetylene, oxygen and other pipelines of the formulation, installation defects, in the use of the lack of timely detection and rectification.
6, in the welding of fuel containers and pipelines, not as required to take appropriate measures. In the implementation of replacement welding injury, the replacement is not complete, in the implementation of the pressure is not replacement welding force caused by not enough external open flame import.
Precautions against fire and explosion accidents in welding operation
1, welding cutting operations, the operating environment L OM Range of all flammable and explosive 1380.
Clean goods, should pay attention to the work environment of the trench, the sewer has no flammable liquid and combustible gas, and whether it is possible to leak into the trench and sewer combustible explosive substances, so as to avoid welding slag, metal Mars caused by disaster accidents.
2, the high altitude welding cutting, the prohibition throws the welding rod head, to weld the cutting job should carry on the segregation, the work completes should do earnestly careful inspection, confirmed that has no fire hidden danger to leave the scene.
3, should be used in line with the relevant national standards, procedures and requirements of the cylinder, in the cylinder storage, transport, use and other links should strictly observe the safe operating procedures.
4, for the transmission of flammable gas and gas-assisted pipelines should be installed, use and management, to operators and inspectors should carry out specialized security technology training.
5, welding fuel containers and pipelines, should be combined with the actual situation to determine the welding repair method. When the replacement method is implemented, the replacement should be thorough, and the operation should strictly control the shadow of the combustible material when the pressure is not replaced, the voltage should be maintained according to the requirement. The oxygen content of the work should be strictly controlled. To strengthen detection, pay attention to guardianship, there should be safety organization measures.

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