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Use of Butt Fusion Machines
Aug 27, 2018

In the preparation work, it is mainly to check whether the state of Butt Fusion Machines meets the working requirements. For example, check whether the fasteners in various parts of the equipment fall off or loosen; check whether the electrical connection of the whole machine is correct and reliable; check whether the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank is sufficient; confirm that the power supply matches the requirements of the machine; whether the heating plate meets Request and so on.


Then prepare the tubing and load it into the rack of the hot melt butt welder and set the heater plate temperature to the soldering temperature as required. Before heating, wipe the surface of the heating plate with a soft paper or cloth dampened with alcohol, but be careful not to scratch the PTFE anti-adhesive layer. In the welding operation, the parameters of the welding process card should be operated. When necessary, it should be appropriately adjusted according to changes in weather, ambient temperature, etc.


After the temperature of the heating plate reaches the requirement, apply a suitable pressure. When the time is reached, push the movable frame, take out the heating plate in time, and then close the two tube ends. The switching time should be as short as possible and cannot exceed the specified value. After cooling to the specified time, the pressure is released, the hot melt butt welder slip is released, and the connected pipe is taken out.

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