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Three basic types of automatic welding machines and their characteristics
Nov 14, 2018

The automatic welding machine is an automatic welding machine based on motor control technology, PLC control technology and digital control technology. It mainly consists of automatic workpiece loading and unloading mechanism, automatic workpiece changing mechanism, automatic workpiece clamping mechanism, and The workpiece welding process automation system and other components.


The automatic welding machine can be divided into three simple categories, one is the open-loop control type automatic welding special machine, generally adopts open-loop control, that is, the control system pre-sets the parameters, and the execution components are executed in the order of the control program. This type of equipment has a simple structure, relatively low technical requirements and low cost, so it has been used in a large amount.


The other type is the adaptive control automatic welding machine. This type of automatic welding machine is a highly automated welding equipment. It is equipped with sensors and electronic detection lines to automatically guide and track the weld trajectory. Some equipment also Closed-loop control can be achieved for welding parameters such as welding current, welding voltage, welding speed, etc. The entire welding process is automatically completed according to preset procedures and process parameters.


Another type is intelligent automatic welding equipment, which uses various advanced sensing components, such as vision sensors, antenna sensors, photosensitive sensors, etc., and with computer software systems, databases, expert systems, with identification, judgment, real-time detection, Operation, automatic programming, welding parameter call, etc., the operator only needs to input the material grade, thickness, groove form, wire number and diameter, flux or protective gas type on the man-machine interface, and the welding process parameters are automatically generated or called. Fully automatic welding can be done with the corresponding parameters.

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