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The use of Multi-angle fitting Hot fusion welding machine and its component configuration
Nov 13, 2018

Multi-angle pipe hot-melt welding machine is a special welding equipment. With its various advantages, it is very suitable for making PE, PP, PVDF and other radial elbows, tees, crosses, 45° and 60° Y. The three-way can also be used to lengthen the injection molded pipe fittings and make the pipe fittings.


The multi-angle pipe hot-melt welding machine adopts an integrated structural design. When it is used to weld different pipe fittings, a variety of corresponding special fixtures can be selected. At the same time, the multi-angle pipe fittings hot-melt welding machine is also provided with independent temperature-controlled heating plates. The heating surface is a non-stick layer of polytetrafluoroethylene;


Inverted electric milling cutter in multi-angle pipe hot-melt welding machine, equipped with safety limit switch to prevent accidental start of milling cutter; low starting pressure and high reliability sealing structure; timer used in welding can record heat absorption separately Two stages of cooling and cooling, the alarm ends and the operation is convenient. In addition, the multi-angle pipe hot-melt welder also has a large surface pressure gauge to precisely control the welding pressure; the overall equipment is in compliance with the 98/37/EC standard.

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