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The main composition and characteristics of plastic pipe welding machine and its automation system
Apr 16, 2018

The plastic pipe welding machine can achieve its automatic welding production to a certain extent. It must achieve automatic positioning and automatic clamping. The plastic pipe welding machine automatically releases the clamping device to a certain degree, so that the welding efficiency of the product can be improved. And the effect of stable welding quality.

Main structure and characteristics of plastic pipe welding machine

1. Welding power source of plastic pipe welding machine: The output power and welding characteristics of the plastic pipe welding machine should be directly matched with the welding process method to be used, and an interface connected with the main controller is installed.

2. Plastic pipe welding machine wire feeder and control and speed control system, in the operation of the wire feed speed control accuracy for the higher wire feeder, the control circuit should be added to speed feedback.

3. The movement mechanism of the plastic pipe welding machine's head is mainly composed of welding head support frame, suspension type drag plate, welding head and other parts during the manufacturing process. It is used to drive the precision welding head mechanism. The system should use a servomotor equipped with an encoder.

Plastic pipe welding machine automation system

In the process of welding, the plastic pipe welding machine can effectively select different welding methods according to the material, thickness, size, weld form, shielding gas, and wire feeding form of its parts. Welding process automation systems can be combined into a simple automatic welding machine or as part of an automatic welding machine.

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