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The importance of periodic testing of the performance of hot melt welders
Feb 15, 2019

Through the process monitoring, process confirmation and process recording, the hot-melt welding machine automatically detects the deviation of the operation process and welding parameters from the alarm during the fully automatic welding stage, minimizing the human factors and ensuring the welding quality. Welding data can be processed and analyzed by computer, which greatly reduces the quality supervision work.


In order to ensure the quality of the welding and the safety of the pipe network system, it is particularly important to carry out regular inspections on the relevant performance of the hot melt welding machine. The hot-melt welding machine is a special equipment for hot-melt connection of plastics. The quality of the welding machine directly affects the welding quality. It is mainly composed of hydraulic system, frame, fixture, heating plate, milling cutter and automatic control system.


The performance requirements of the hot melt welding machine hydraulic system are mainly reflected in the aspect of the no-loading power and the automatic pressure compensation function. The net force applied to the end of the pipe should be within 20% of the specified welding pressure, so that it can be idealized. The quality of the

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