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The difference between hot-melt welding machine and hot plate welding machine
Jan 24, 2018

Hot Melt machine is widely used as a special machine or with the use of automatic machine, the use of high-performance heaters and high-precision thermocouple, can accurately control the heating temperature, can make the process of stability and efficiency. It is suitable for riveting, riveting, hot melt molding, hot melt cutting, metal screw embedding, lcd riveting and forming, etc. between plastic and metal.

The hot melt machine to the product material requirement is not very high, the general plastic basic can weld. After welding can ensure the product of water vapor tight! Fastness can guarantee more than 80% of the body.

Hot-melt with electrothermal principle. such as mobile phones, toys, computers, speakers, automobiles and other plastic industry, need to weld the products can be welded. The price is better than the ultrasonic, and its function is more than the ultrasonic welding machine, no matter how large the product can be a one-time fusion. and welding solid, beautiful appearance . The machine has a long service life. The original imported materials are used to make the system.

The Hot plate machine adopts the pumping plate structure, and the heating plate heat is transferred to the weld surface of the upper and lower plastic heating parts by the electric heating method. So that the surface of the melting, and then quickly exit the heating plate, the upper and lower two pieces of heating after heating the melting surface fusion, solidification, integrated into one. The whole machine is the frame form, which is composed of three large plates, the template, the next template and the hot formwork, and is equipped with the hot mold, the upper and lower plastic cold mold, and the action mode is pneumatic control. Mainly used in household appliances, headlights, automotive melting and other plastic parts welding. Can be set according to the size of different plastic parts heating power and mold size to achieve a variety of plastic workpiece welding, simple operation, easy to use.

The heating plate is made up of two pieces, which are heated by an electric heat pipe. A total of two temperature controllers are designed to control the upper and lower mode temperature respectively. Welding can be based on the actual needs of welding in the scope of 0~600℃ set itself.

Hot Plate equipment control methods can be divided into manual and automatic control, manual for a single piece of action, mainly for the organization and mold debugging, manual debugging, after the production adjustment to Automatic. The automatic control system adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) and Contact Mode screen Man-machine interface, which is driven by air pressure, easy to operate, reliable and compact in size, and improves production efficiency and quality.

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