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The difference between automatic heat fusion machine and hydraulic heat fusion machine
Apr 28, 2018

Automatic heat fusion machine is an upgraded version of hydraulic heat fusion machine. The main difference is that the welding process is more standardized and automated. The welding process of fully automatic hot melt welding machine can record and record can be stored. Specifically:


1. The parameter data of the automatic heat fusion machine is modularized, and the welding specification is stored in the host system in advance through the host module.


Second, automatic heat fusion machine operation is simple, the operator only needs to input the material of the pipe, the pipe diameter, SDR value and other parameters from the host system can be called from the system welding parameters corresponding welding parameters, so that The welding parameters of the host are used for welding, which reduces the deviation of the manual control of the welding parameters.


Third, automatic hot-melt welding machine hot plate pop-up automation, automatic hot-melt welding machine because of the hot plate automatic pop-up device, so in the welding to T3 stage, the end of the heat absorption after welding heat plate will automatically pop up, (No longer need to manually take the hot plate) and automatically close to weld the pipe. The whole process is shorter and more scientific than manual operation.


Fourth, automatic heat fusion machine welding cooling phase timing automation, welding into the welding cooling joint stage, the system automatically countdown, from the hot plate to start the entire welding process are in the welding monitoring. Through the host computer to determine the quality of welding, thereby reducing human intervention.


5. The automatic heat fusion machine has achieved traceability of information such as operators, pipe manufacturers, pipe materials, construction date and time, and construction sites.

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