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The biggest feature of automatic welding machine and its welding process
Jan 25, 2019

With the increasing application of PE pipes, the welding technology of PE pipes is attracting more and more people's attention. Pipe welding has been continuously improved. The hot welding machine, an important tool for pipe welding, has also experienced manual Semi-automatic upgrade to fully automatic welder.


At present, there are two types of hot-melt welding machines on the market: manual and hydraulic. The biggest drawback of these two types of hot-melt welding machines is that the welding quality is greatly affected by human factors. The quality of welding depends on the quality of the operators. Experience, therefore welding does not fundamentally guarantee the quality of the weld.


The biggest feature of the automatic welding machine is to minimize the influence of human factors on the welding quality. It automatically and continuously monitors and controls the parameters of the whole process of the welding process through time, pressure and temperature to ensure the welding. No step in the process can be strictly carried out according to the requirements of the operation specification. At the same time, the welder can timely detect the change of the ambient temperature and the drag pressure parameters and timely compensate the welding parameters to ensure the welding quality to the utmost.


Under normal circumstances, a complete welding process of a fully automatic welding machine is divided into five stages, which are preheating stage, endothermic stage, conversion stage, welding stage and cooling stage, and each link must be operated according to requirements. In order to get better

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