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Temperature of PE hot melt connection and connection method thereof
Sep 26, 2018

When PE is hot-melt connected, the temperature requirements are very high and need to be controlled between 200-235 degrees Celsius. At the beginning of the PE hot melt, the hot melt tool should be turned on before the operation temperature indicator light is on.


Then the tube is cut and the end face must be perpendicular to the tube axis. Pipe cutting generally uses pipe shears or pipe cutters. Sharp hacksaws can be used if necessary, but the sections of the pipe should be removed with burrs and burrs after cutting. The end face of the pipe and fitting must be clean, dry and oil free.


Use a caliper and a suitable pen to measure and plot the hot melt depth at the end of the pipe; when welding the elbow or tee, according to the design drawings, pay attention to the direction, in the direction of the straight line of the pipe and the pipe, mark it with an auxiliary mark. position. When connecting, the tube end is introduced into the heat sleeve without rotation, and inserted into the marked depth. At the same time, the tube is pushed onto the heating head without rotation to reach the prescribed mark.

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