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Temperature change of HDPE pipe automatic welding machine
Aug 21, 2018

HDPE pipe automatic welding machine has fast welding speed and good quality consistency when it is operated. The surface of the product is very beautiful, and there is no uneven soldering of hand soldering. The welding of the equipment can avoid the manual welding. The influence of artificial factors, such as the influence of the skill of the operator, the influence of the physical condition, the shadow of the emotion, etc., thus ensuring the consistency and reliability of the welding.

HDPE pipeline automatic welding machine can effectively reduce the amount of its operators and inspectors to a certain extent, which can reduce its management difficulty and product cost to a certain extent. Now its labor cost will increase year by year, and the annual recruitment is the most What makes the boss's headaches, automatic welding machines can greatly reduce the number of employees.

The welding reliability of HDPE pipeline automatic welding machine is much greater than that of manual welding. Under normal circumstances, the design life of solar photovoltaic modules is 25 years. The components are usually installed outdoors, and the temperature changes around 30 °C every day. Coupled with seasonal changes, the temperature changes more. Since the solder ribbon substrate is pure copper, the coefficient of expansion of copper is about six times that of silicon (cell). This difference means that as long as there is a change in temperature, the solder joint and the cell are welded.

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