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Storage and transportation requirements for poly pipe fusion machine
Jul 23, 2018

It is usually required to place the multi-tube fusion splicer in an environment that is dry, well ventilated, and has a clean surrounding environment without excessive dust or impurities. Moreover, the ambient humidity should not be too large. When it is not used within one month, it is necessary to periodically energize the multi-tube fusion splicer to remove moisture inside the machine.


In practical applications, special attention should be paid to the dust-proof measures of the multi-tube fusion splicer to keep it in good working condition. Do not throw debris or fiber debris into the fusion splicer to avoid affecting the normal use of the fusion splicer. During daily operation, the staff should follow the specifications and conduct regular inspections and maintenance, so that not only can the equipment be fully utilized, but also its service life can be extended.


During the handling, installation and inspection, care should be taken to avoid damage to the multi-tube fusion splicer. Under normal circumstances, before the transportation, the multi-tube welding machine needs to be placed in a special packing box and has a buffer device to ensure the safety and stability of the welding machine during transportation.

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