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Specific steps for saddle type PE pipe welding technology
Jul 06, 2018

The saddle type PE pipe welding is a conventional connection method of the saddle type PE pipe, and can be simply divided into two technical processes of electric fusion welding and hot fusion welding. Before the saddle type PE pipe is hot-melt welded, the dirt on the pipe joint surface should be cleaned to keep the cut clean; the pipe insertion depth is marked, and the surface oxide layer is scraped off so that the pipe can be easily inserted into the pipe.


Then, the pipe is fixed so that the pipe and the pipe are in the same axis; then the electrode of the electric welding machine wire inserted into the pipe is kept firm; after the welding parameters are confirmed and the accuracy is confirmed, the saddle type PE pipe can be welded, waiting for the cooling time to end. , unplug the wire and the welding is completed.


The step of hot-melting the saddle type PE pipe needs to adjust the temperature of the heating plate to the range required by the welding process, and clean the heating plate with a clean cotton cloth; then adjust the drag pressure to calculate the welding pressure of the saddle type PE pipe welding. .


Then, the two sections of the pipe to be welded are clamped at the same time on the welding machine, and the end faces are aligned; the heating plate is placed in position, so that the two end faces of the pipe are in close contact with the heating plate, and a certain pressure is applied. When the height of the flanging reaches the process requirement, the applied pressure is retained to the drag pressure. When the time reaches the process requirement, the feed handle is pulled, the pipe at both ends is loosened, the heating plate is taken out, the pipe is quickly closed, and the pressure is raised to the melt. When the welding pressure starts, the fourth stage timing is started; pay attention to observe the flanging condition, relieve the pressure, and after the cooling timing starts to cool down, disassemble the fixture and the welding ends.

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