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Sharing the five stages of PE hot melt connection
Dec 14, 2018

In order to meet the needs of the project, the PE pipe is usually connected, and there are many ways to connect the pipe, such as flange connection and fused connection. Each connection has its own advantages. Today, everyone Sharing is PE hot melt.


The PE hot melt connection can be roughly divided into five stages. The first is the preheating stage, which is used to establish the fusion ring of the butt weld, which is entered after the welding preparation work is completed, except that the tube end face of the PE pipe starts to heat, and the other One purpose is to eliminate the small gaps remaining in the end faces of the tubes.


This is followed by a heating phase for diffusing the temperature inside the material to form a molten region, usually at a pressure close to zero. Then take the stage of taking out the heating plate. The shorter the time of this stage, the better. Avoid heat loss or foreign objects falling on the end face of the pipe to be welded as much as possible to avoid the welding strength reduction or welding failure of the PE pipe.


In the welding stage, the welding end face is re-wound by the molecular chain of the molten material under the action of pressure, which is completed by establishing a uniform welding ring. After the end of the welding phase is the final cooling phase, which is used to avoid various external forces that may cause the connection strength to decrease.

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