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Safety requirements for Lincoln electric welding machine
Apr 02, 2018

In the process of designing and manufacturing Lincoln Electric Welder, safety is always the first priority. At the same time, users should ensure safe operation when they are using the product, so as to enhance the safety of the device. Next we will briefly introduce the requirements of Lincoln Electric Welder's safety.


First of all, before installing Lincoln Electric Welder, we need to choose a suitable installation location. It is suggested that the welding power supply be placed in a clean and convective air environment, to ensure that the flow of air can enter from the machine forward air inlet and out of the rear shutters. Remember, there must be no debris around the equipment, or too much dust.


Secondly, in the process of placing, ensure that Lincoln welder is placed on a stable, smooth floor or chassis, and the housing of the welding machine must be grounded. The marked grounding bolts are located in the input connection panel. Proper grounding can effectively reduce high-frequency interference.


In fact, Lincoln Electric welding machine is a new product of industrial arc welding power supply. The welding machine uses Micro-StartTM patent technology to provide direct current and single pulse square wave AC/DC TIG (GTAW) welding method, which can preset the minimum and maximum output. And for AC TIG and DC TIG welding, high frequency and continuous stable arc is designed.


Besides, there are also some new Lincoln electric welders, which also have arc force adjustable AC/DC manual welding (SMAW) function. The welding machine also provides pulse TIG panel, power factor compensation capacitor and water valve as accessories for field operation. These devices are usually placed in a complete TIG welding fixed combination package, providing very convenient storage and supply for welding equipment and components.

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