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Safety precautions for hot melt welder
May 03, 2018

In the process of using hot melt welder, in order to smooth the welding process, improve the welding effect, ensure the safety of operators, and improve the service life of the thermal welding machine, we need to standardize the operation steps:

(1) setting of welding temperature.

Because the material of welding plastic is different, need to set different temperature and time. 115 and 9 s basic meet the general material plastic welding temperature and time requirements.

(2) set the depth and height of welding.

The depth and height of the welding are set according to the two sets of fixed length poles of the hot melt welding machine. Parameter setting needs to consider the difference between vertical and horizontal welding, plastic size and area.

(3) training before actual operation.

Before the construction of the thermal welding machine, the staff should be familiar with the operation technique and parameter setting. Cultivate the safety awareness of staff.

(4) the hot melt welder is divided into pneumatic, hydraulic drive or motor drive, and the welding procedure should be adjusted in time according to the plastic material, area and drive.

(5) in case of any abnormality or failure, the professional debugging personnel should be notified in time to repair.

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