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Rack structure of small welding machine
Sep 08, 2018

The small fusion welding machine is more flexible and convenient to use, which is mainly due to the reasonable design of the frame structure. In its work, the pressure can be adjusted, and the design of the head uses the principle of pushing the lever by the toggle to make the high-frequency heat sealing machine have uniform pressure and stable up and down. Moreover, the pressure of the machine head can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the needs of different welding depths.


It can be seen that in practical applications, the small fusion welding machine can maintain excellent results in the welding of the product. At the same time, it is also equipped with a safety protection device. When the current load exceeds the limit value during operation, the overcurrent protection relay will automatically cut off the high-voltage power supply in the high-frequency heat sealing machine, protect the high-frequency heat sealing machine and the rectifier, and the high-frequency heat sealing machine. At the same time, high-sensitivity spark controllers can be installed according to customer requirements, while avoiding frequency drift caused by improper operation and minimizing electrode and material damage. At the same time, the warning light also lights up.


At the same time, an automatic over-current protection device is also provided in the small welding machine, which can extend the service life of the machine. The machine has powerful output and strong machine structure. Double-position foot control is convenient and quick.

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