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Purchase procedure and safety operation requirements of automatic electric welding machine
Mar 28, 2018

First, when we choose the automatic pipe electric welding machine , we should confirm the pipe material, the way of sizing and the type required. In general, make sure what is the specific need , so the selected machine can meet the production demand finally.


And before the purchase, the amount of glue per hour should be calculated according to the amount of production per minute and the actual amount of glue on the product. and select the capacity of the automatic welding machine according to the amount of glue. Third, it is to choose different models according to the requirements of the precision of the glue on the product and the convenience of the production line.

 pe pipe butt fusion welding machine .jpg

Meanwhile, users also need to choose reliable and high quality automatic electric welding machines and services according to the market sales situation.


Then the question comes: how to operate safely after choosing the automatic electric welding machine.As we all know, this kind of machine is mainly used for the welding of various plastic pipes and fittings for new and rebuilt projects. Therefore, in the process of welding, we should pay attention to safety and avoid scald. And there should be a professional operation training for the operator to be qualified before using the machine .


At the same time, we should strengthen the daily maintenance of the automatic electric welding machine. The main contents include: checking and correcting before starting, cleaning the equipment and the surrounding environment, so as not to affect the work, and wear protective articles when doing the homework.


In addition to the above, it is necessary to confirm the power supply of the automatic electric welding machine and ensure that it meets the job requirements. Start the machine after all confirm work.  Importantly, the quality of welding be guaranteed only by the correct operating.

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