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Principle of plastic hot melt welding Machine
Jan 24, 2018

The principle of the plastic hot Melt welding machine adopts the pumping plate structure, and the heating method should be used. The whole machine is the frame form, which is composed of three large plates, the template, the next template and the hot formwork, and is equipped with the hot mold, the upper and lower plastic cold mold, and the action mode is pneumatic control. Mainly used in household appliances, headlights, automotive melting and other plastic parts welding. Can be set according to the size of different plastic parts heating power and mold size to achieve a variety of plastic workpiece welding, simple operation, easy to use.

⑴ Hot-melt butt

The hot-melt butt is a method of connecting the polyethylene Tube End interface, heating the heating plate, and fusing each other by cooling and fixing. The hot-melt welding machine is usually used to heat the end pipe, so that it melts, quickly fit it, maintain a certain pressure, cooling to achieve the purpose of welding. The polyethylene pipe of each size can be connected by hot melt butt connection. But the nominal diameter is less than 63mm pipe recommended using capacitance connection. The method is economical and reliable, and its interface has higher strength than the pipe itself in the process of bearing and pressure.

Prepare for work. Should be consistent with the pipe, should be used as far as possible the same plant supporting materials; the outer diameter and wall thickness of the nozzle section should be consistent, and the inner and outer surfaces of the welded pipe and pipe fittings, especially the port should be smooth and flat, the size deviation of the pipe should meet the requirement, and the nozzle section should have good processing and welding performance to match the welding machine. Check the welding system and power matching, clean the heating plate, the welding machine parts of the power supply, and should be ground protection, according to the welding process parameters of the weld to set the heating plate temperature to the welding temperature; If the automatic welder, also should set the endothermic time and cooling time and other parameters.

⑵ hot-melt Socket Connection

Hot-melt socket connection in the hot-melt socket connection, the two pipe ends which need to be connected are heated and melted at both ends of a thicker nozzle section, so that each joint requires two times of hot melt process.

When hot-melt socket connection, the pipe port should chamfer, clean the connection surface. At the end of the socket painting line, with heating tools at the same time on the pipe, pipe connection heating. When dn≥63mm, use the heating tool of the mechanical device, otherwise the manual heating tool. After heating, immediately exit the heating tool, with uniform external force to extend the socket into the mouth to reach the depth of the line, at the end of the socket to form a uniform flange.

Selection and quality control of ⑶ hot-melt Connection method

The selection of hot-melt connection depends mainly on the material grade and density of the plastic pipe. The connection method of plastic pipe should also be in accordance with the buried "polyethylene water pipe Engineering Technical Specification" (GJJ101-2004) and other relevant provisions. Most polyethylene tubes can be connected together in two hot-melt ways. However, some high-density polyethylene tubes cannot be connected by a method to undertake. When used in underground heat exchangers, poly-butene is generally a socket connection. Both connections can be used properly to obtain a strong connection. The two connection modes are used properly, and the strong joints can be obtained, and their strength is greater than that of the pipe itself.

⑷ Fused Connection Process

① preparation work and precautions. The material should be consistent with the nozzle, at the same time should be used as far as possible with the same plant supporting materials, the nozzle section of the outside diameter, wall thickness should be consistent, the error within the permitted range; the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe and pipe to be welded should be smooth and flat, no shape; the nozzle section should have good processing and welding In cold weather, high wind environment welding, should take protective measures; need to weld the surface, the temporary welding must be scraped before the oxidation of the skin, clean, no time to disassemble the fuse fittings, strictly according to the welding machine instructions and pipe bar code specified by the time value of welding; in the welding process and after the completion of the cooling phase, not to move the connector or exert Any external force.

Key points of operation of ② electric fusion connection. Clean the dirt on the connection surface of the pipe, mark the insertion depth, scrape off its epidermis, the pipe is fixed on the rack, and the fused pipe is sheathed on the pipe, the straightening and connecting parts are ensured on the same axis; When connected, the voltage and heating time of the ohmic heating should be in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer and the pipe fittings manufacturer. During the cooling period of the fused connection, the connecting piece shall not be moved or any external force exerted on the connecting piece.

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