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Poly pipe fusion machine maintenance requirements
Jun 28, 2018

The multi-splicer fusion splicer is mainly used for the optical cable interconnection maintenance in the optical communication project during its use. When the operation is performed, the high-voltage arc discharge is mainly used to effectively melt the two optical fiber sections while using a high-precision movement mechanism. Gently push the two fibers into one to achieve the coupling of the fiber mode field.

Multi-tube fusion splicer generally refers to a single-core fiber fusion splicer in general. In addition, there is a ribbon fiber fusion splicer that is specifically used to splice ribbon fibers during the operation. The fused splice fiber optic cable and the skin of the jumper are used. Line welding machine, as well as polarization-maintaining fiber-optic polarization-maintaining fiber fusion splicer.

The multi-strand fusion splicer's core effective alignment fusion splicer is equipped with a precision six-motor alignment system including a focus motor, and in operation, a specially designed optical writing lens and software algorithm can be effective. Accurately identify the type of fiber and can automatically select the matching splice mode for welding to ensure the quality of fusion. Due to the relatively high technical content, it can also be applied to the main line fiber fusion welding in addition to the fiber-to-the-home, so the price is relatively high.

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