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Plastic tube hot melt machine features, operation and maintenance
Jun 15, 2018

Plastic tube hot melt machine is powerful. In practical applications, different hot melt methods can be used. In addition, the combination of a pressure buffer and a buffer circuit makes the operation very smooth. The plastic tube hot melt machine is more suitable for large-scale processing and multi-point welding. The device uses multiple heat pipes and imported temperature control system, accurate and reliable temperature control, and beautiful appearance and durability.


The main features of plastic tube hot melt machine:

During operation of the equipment, it is mainly controlled by stroke adjustable buffer cylinder;

The device is specially designed with a constant temperature, Omron digital display automatic temperature controller, temperature control range 0 to 400C, accurate control;

In the actual operation process, the lowering of the upper die, heating, pressurizing, welding and returning can be completed at once;

Heating temperature, hot pressing time, return speed can be adjusted evenly. Welding time setting adopts 3-digit digital coder control, with accurate control;

The device is easy to operate and requires a large amount of work per unit time.


As a user, during the daily use of the plastic tube hot melter, it is recommended to use a clean cloth to wipe the attached dust, and the moving parts should be regularly lubricated with a little oil. At the same time, the cylinder piston rod, positioning copper sleeve and other parts need to be kept clean. If there is attached dust, it will affect the operation of the equipment.


It is necessary to pay attention to safety during the use of plastic pipe hot melters. Especially during the cylinder movement, the hand must not be approached or put into the pressing surface. At the same time during use, the surface of the upper and lower molds of the equipment must not use sharp tools to knock or rub, so as to avoid the formation of scars. In addition, when installing equipment, ensure that the equipment is installed reliably and grounded.


When operating the plastic tube hot melter, care should be taken to ensure safety. In particular, the power supply inside the chassis is dangerous and the door should be locked tightly. When replacing the heating tube or replacing other electrical components, it must be done after the power plug is removed. Routinely during the maintenance of the plastic tube hot melter, do not use a rag with water or solvent to wipe the machine, so as to avoid the risk of leakage or burning.

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