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Plastic pipe socket welding machine product features and use
Jun 08, 2018

Plastic pipe socket welding machine is a welding device specially used for various plastic pipe materials in the hot-melt socket connection. The overall use of automatic aluminum casting process, the main parts using sand casting and steel technology, making the entire plastic Pipe socket welder is lighter, stronger and smoother.


At the same time, the use of electrostatic spraying technology on the surface of plastic pipe socket welding machine shows a bright, smooth surface and is not easily damaged. As the main components in the equipment, the hydraulic station selects quality products, which can reduce the maintenance and extend the service life of the hydraulic station.


Plastic pipe socket welding machine is equipped with adjustable temperature control system, precise temperature control, high safety index, strong environmental adaptability, can weld PE, PP, PP-R, PVDF and PB and other plastic pipe. The hot melt head adopts unique non-stick plastic high temperature coating technology, which has a long service life


In the process of using plastic tube socket welding machine, it is necessary to first install the heating end of the fusion splicer, place the fusion splicer on the frame, install the corresponding heating die according to the required pipe specifications, and use the hexagonal wrench to tighten, generally small In the previous paragraph, it was on the back end.


Then turn on the power, it should be noted that the power supply must have a grounding protection line, according to the instructions of the corresponding model of the machine indicates that the indicator light changes, until the fusion splicer enters the working temperature control state before the operation can be started. Then cut the pipe vertically with a pipe cutter, and rotate the pipe and pipe without rotating the welder die, and operate as required; immediately after the heating time, remove the pipe and pipe from the die, quickly and without rotation Directly and evenly insert to the required depth to form a uniform flange at the joint.


In the plastic pipe socket welding machine for plastic pipe hot-melt socket connection process, in order to ensure quality, pipe connection end should be cut vertically, and apply a clean cloth to clean the pipe and pipe fittings on the surface of the dirt; Insert depth, scratch its skin. Moreover, before the socket connection, the two corresponding positions to be connected should be aligned so that they are on the same axis.

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