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Plastic pipe socket welding machine main purposes and advantages
Apr 04, 2018

Usually the plastic pipe socket welding machine is mainly used for small diameters not exceeding DN40, which is more economical for users. In actual operation, the socket welding connection is mainly used for small-diameter valves and pipes, pipe fittings and pipe welding. Due to the thin wall thickness of the small-diameter pipe, which is easy to change the edge and ablation, plastic pipe socket welding machine is usually used for processing.


1, the use of plastic pipe socket welding machine:

In fact, during the processing of these pipes, the sockets of the plastic pipe socket welder have a reinforcing effect and are therefore often used under high pressure. Combined with practical applications, the device is currently mainly used for hot melt socket welding of plastic pipes and fittings such as PB and PE.


2, the main features of plastic pipe socket welding machine:

In the process of operation, the welding temperature of plastic tube socket welding machine is mainly manual adjustment, scientific and humanized.

Among them, the surface of the heating plate and die head is coated with high-quality coating, and the quality is very reliable;

The overall structure of the equipment itself is compact and reasonable, with beautiful appearance and easy operation.


3, plastic pipe socket welding machine advantages:

In comparison, plastic pipe socket welding machine has many advantages in practical applications. Pipes treated by this equipment do not have the problem of beveling;

And there are no problems with the wrong side;

Or in the process of operating plastic pipe socket welding machine, the welding position can be adjusted to flat welding.

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