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Pipe cutting machine control system function
Aug 24, 2018

Different functions can be implemented in the control system of the pipe cutter. The man-machine interface of the machine can display the corresponding production screen. When the configuration is made, the internal properties of each component are set to establish contact with the PLC information collection channel. The main functions that can be realized are:


First of all, when the pipe cutter is running, the user can set the specific time for cutting the pipe. Secondly, it can dynamically display the rotation speed of the roller motor and cut the displacement of the welding torch. The speed of the roller motor is controlled by manually touching the interface button, the length of the pipe cutting is set, and the opening and closing state of the gas solenoid valve is cut. The alarm light can give an alarm indication if the PLC is not working properly.


The manual control mode can be selected when the pipe cutter starts running. When the ignition control button is pressed, the built-in timer of the PLC starts counting. After the cutting is completed, press the valve closing control button and the PLC stops timing. After adding a lot of pipe lengths, select the automatic button, and the pipe cutter can enter the automatic machining process. The cutting time is determined by the timing length of the PLC when the interface is manually operated for the first time.

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