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Performance characteristics of plastic pipe fusion machine
Jul 11, 2018

The plastic pipe fusion machine adopts a pumping type structure, and the heat of the heating plate is transferred to the welding surface of the upper and lower plastic heating parts by an electric heating method. The surface is melted, and then the heating plate is quickly withdrawn, and the upper and lower heating members are heated, and the molten surface is fused, solidified, and integrated.


Its whole machine is in the form of frame, which consists of upper plate, lower plate and hot plate. It is equipped with hot mold, upper and lower plastic cold mold, and the action mode is pneumatic control and manual form. Mainly suitable for the welding of various plastic pipes. The heating power and mold size can be set according to different pipe sizes, and various welding can be realized, and the operation is simple and convenient to use.


Inside the plastic pipe fusion machine, a total of two temperature controllers are provided to control the upper and lower mold temperatures. When welding, it can be set in the range of 0 to 600 °C according to the actual needs of welding. The control mode of the equipment is also divided into manual and automatic. The manual is a single-piece operation, which is mainly used for the debugging of the mechanism and the mold. The automatic control system is controlled by the programmable controller and the touch screen human-machine interface. Driven by air pressure, it is easy to operate, reliable in performance and compact in size, improving production efficiency and quality

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