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Performance and characteristics of multi-angle pipe welding machine
Dec 05, 2018

Multi-angle pipe welding machine for hot-melt butt welding of PE, HDPE and PP plastic pipes with pipe diameters from 63mm to 2000mm. The equipment is mainly composed of a fixture frame, a heating plate, a milling machine, a control box, etc., and each part can cooperate to play an important role.


The multi-angle pipe welder has a reasonable engineering mechanics design, which makes the welding work more convenient and flexible. If the clamshell structure is fixed on one side by the ferrule gland, the welding process is shorter and more effective; the locking mechanism can avoid the welding process. External influence.


The multi-angle pipe fitting welding machine provides the welding pressure by the crank-driven mechanical mechanism, the transmission is stable and easy to operate; the motor drives the milling cutter; the equipment has excellent cost performance, meets various welding requirements of the pipe fittings, and improves the working efficiency and welding. Quality, extending the life of the

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